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Our main focus is in using digital advertising channels to acquire new customers for our clients. B2C businesses can feel confident that our campaigns will be able to bring in new customers at the lowest possible price.

Our innovative use of adverts, content, and tracking, ensures that your cost per new customer is at a level that ensures a positive return on your investment.

Digital PR

We have experienced PR professionals who are able to guarantee coverage online thanks to years of working in the industry. We work hard to ensure your product, service, or campaign is as newsworthy as possible, before placing it in front of established news websites from around the globe.

We create intricate plans that ensure the client is up to date at all times and always has first refusal on websites we have available.

Lead Generation

Rix Digital has a rich history of providing real-time quality leads to a number of businesses in various industries. As a team, we are well versed in creating funnels for the purpose of generating GDPR compliant leads.

While we do not sell databases, we are capable of generating a very large number of real-time, warm leads in a very short amount of time with an above-average conversion rate guaranteed.


Our content is first class, written by experienced content writers and former journalists. We charge by the word and have an unlimited corrections policy, ensuring you get the blog, article, speech, or press release at the price you wanted.

About Us

Rix Digital is a full-service marketing agency with an eye for trying new funnels, fiddling with new techniques, and conjuring groundbreaking ideas. Based in London, UK, we’ve been working on content marketing in the online casino business for a number of years.

Everything we do is about results. We are constantly trying new channels, new funnels, and new models in order to fully understand the consumer psychology that exists within performance marketing. We are obsessed with what makes your users tick – and we know exactly how to find out.

No matter what your business, no matter who you’re targeting – we’re confident we can get users to your website at a lower rate than any of our competitors.

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